More Crappy Poetry


Monday, the kids and I will do one more poem, a bio poem this time.

I’m hoping this one will be structured and concrete enough not to hit Girly Girl’s panic button. Then I’ll move her on to a character study, and I’ll do the other, more difficult poetry with just The Animator (I cannot skip the limerick with him, nor subject her to it!).

I got the bio poem off a great website: TeachersPayTeachers. For a few dollars in most cases, you can purchase some great lesson plans, handouts, and printables. What a great idea! Wish it had been available when I was teaching high school and writing every lesson plan from scratch.

Anyway, here’s my poem.


Emotional, creative, honest.

Lover of books, music, and the natural world.

Who feels exuberant, euphoric, despairing, enraged … everything.

Who fears being rejected for intense emotions.

Who wonders if she had a past life, and why we can’t keep alive that first blush of love.

Who would like to experience freefall, climb Mount Everest, and get closer to God.

Who dreams of a place to belong.

Wordle form

Wordle: Katrina

Here’s the same poem in Wordle form.

I was pretty annoyed when I realized the Wordle folks had written their software to ignore the word “God.”

I didn’t believe it at first — I thought I was just missing the word in the mess, so I redid the poem but I added the word “God” eight or ten times. It should have come up as the biggest word on the Wordle, but it still wasn’t there at all. I’m a bit put out that the Wordle folks would shove aside my beliefs like that.

I’m tempted to see what other words they’d automatically delete. Buddha? Islam? Mohammed? Jehovah? Joseph Smith?

Monday, I’ll see what my kids can do with this one.

Edited to add: I couldn’t stand not knowing, so I played with Wordle. I did one with a bunch of religious words, and all the words were included on the result except “God,” including Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Allah. So I thought perhaps Meredith was right, and the developer was Jewish, but then The Animator suggested maybe it deleted God as a swear word rather than a religious word. So I made a new Wordle of all the off-color language I know, and this time all the words were included. So I the poem again, and this time all the words, including “God” were there. I have no idea what to think.

4 Responses to “More Crappy Poetry”

  1. mer Says:

    They may not be ignoring your beliefs, the developer might just be jewish.

  2. Jim Says:

    Good luck! Remember the “I ” in IEP is for individual. You don’t have to do the same “stuff” with both of them. You love them differently, teach that way. And you can come and belong with us misfits any time! Much love

  3. Sue M Says:

    Out of curiosity, I’ve tried Wordle both with your poem and with a string of religious words, and both versions use God in them. The only thing I can think of is to check your settings under the language tab, just in case one of those setting is blocking it.
    (I’ll delete it if you’d like, just thought you might want to see it first.)
    God is in the lower right with music keep closer, which seems apt.

    And a religious test-case wordle:

    I bet the Animator will enjoy the limericks.

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